Non download casino

As online casinos prove to become more popular and dominant in the gambling industry, players are looking further up for better, more convenient ways to play casino games. A relatively recent development in online casinos is the availability of instant play casino games where players are not required to download any software packages. This is especially helpful on the off chance that players aren’t willing to download any casino software into their personal computer and have better access to their account from any device and location.

If you’ve long been associated with online casinos, chances are that you’ve dealt with the software program that you initially download into your computer; download casinos. This article deals with the introduction of no download casinos, its functionality and its pros and cons.

About No download casinos

While most online casinos still require you to download a software program onto your computer, online casinos that classify themselves as non-download offer all their functions through the web browser itself. Therefore these casinos are also referred to as browser based or instant play casinos.

The basic interface of a no download casinos is:

  • Enter the URL on your web browser
  • Click on Register or Sign Up
  • Make a deposit
  • Play games on the web browser itself

Software programs are not a part of any step and all functions are performed through the web browser itself; so the web browser acts as a platform from the very start rather than a software program.

Not downloading any software programs has its advantages, right from the first step but there are few drawbacks which players might face but are also able to dodge or minimize the effect.

Advantages of No download casinos

thumbs-up-30X35Since no external programs are involved, the player’s computer and the casino stay independent.


thumbs-up-30X35Flexibility and mobility is a key feature of non-download casinos that players can immediate advantage of. Since all functions are performed on a web browser, players can play casino games from any computer or mobile device.

thumbs-up-30X35Players are able to save any memory space on their hard disk which would’ve otherwise been used for the casino software.

thumbs-up-30X35Apart from quick and instant access to casino games, players are less vulnerable to viruses and malware. (Although the very best casinos make sure their software is secure at the highest level.)

thumbs-up-30X35Newbies who are still in the process of trying out different casino games and experiences, not having to download casino software and instant access saves a lot of time.

thumbs-up-30X35Most download based casinos develop their software program for windows therefore not compatible if you have a Mac or Linux. Since instant play casinos are based on web browsers, the casino’s website are compatible to all internet browsers therefore all operating systems.

Disadvantage of No download casinos

thumbs-down-30X35For players without a decent internet connection, loading browser based casino games might take consume more time.

thumbs-down-30X35Navigation in no download casinos is less smooth than the software program. Casino software programs are more dynamic and consolidated making navigation smoother.