Download casino

It would be safe to state that software is the backbone of an online casino. While the casino is the playground for gambling fanatics, the games they play is provided by software clients.

As we have explained previously in our ‘Casinos by type’ page, there are three ways a player can access an online casino; by downloading software, directly through the browser or through a mobile device.

This article explains in detail all the facts about a download based casino, how to download and install casino software and the pros & cons of playing casino games through a downloaded casino software program.

What is Download Casino?

As the name implies, these casinos require the player to download a casino software program and install it into their computer. This would be the first step for a player playing in a download casino.

Online casinos were unleashed into the world in a download format by Microgaming where players had to download the casino program developed by Microgaming to play casino games. Numerous developers now develop their own casino software. After more than a decade, many casinos still offer this format as their primary interface.

The downloaded software consolidates all major functions of an online casino including:

  • Registrationdownload-logo-pls-146140
  • Depositing
  • Withdrawing
  • Claiming bonuses
  • Accessing casino promotions
  • Gameplay
  • Customer Support

Players will hardly feel the need to visit the casino website, since all functions are offered by the application.

However, before getting into any of the action, players will need to download the casino software first.

How to download casino software?

Most online casinos have made sure players spend as little time as possible haggling through the download process so they can spend more time playing casino games which means having immense fun with an off chance that you’ll win some money.. To download casino software:

Step 1: Visit the casino website. Make sure it’s a download based casino.

Step 2: Depending on how the casino website has been setup, click on the ‘Download Now’, ‘Start Now’ or ‘Play Now’ button on the homepage.

Step 3: The installation dialog box will open. Players can change the destination folder if they wish and click Save.

Step 4: Once the downloading process is complete, players need to open the destination folder and open the setup file.

Step 5: Follow the instructions and click Next until you come up to the Terms and Conditions acceptance page. We highly recommend you thoroughly read through the terms and conditions.

Step 6: Once satisfied with the T&Cs, click Install.

Step 7: Once the installation process is complete, you’ll find the casino program either on the Start Menu or Desktop. Open the file and you’re good to go! …… Well Almost

After players open the software program, they will have to install each casino game individually in order to play them. This is a one-time installation and is very quick if you have a decent internet connection. Games are able to swiftly load then onwards.

Players can choose to play games in practice mode (considering the online casino offers that option) or create an account, deposit, claim their bonus and play casino games for real money.

As with anything, downloading casino software to play online casino games has its pros and cons.

Advantage of Download based casinos

thumbs-up-30X35Because of the software’s consolidated framework, playing through downloaded casino software can have better navigation and user interface which counts towards the overall experience.

thumbs-up-30X35At casino sites that offer both formats, some benefits such as certain bonuses or promotions may be available only to those playing on the downloaded version of software.

Disadvantages of Download based casinos

thumbs-down-30X35Even after installing the software, players are required to install each game individually but this is a onetime installation. However, if the casino launches a few new games, the software has to be updated and the new game has to be installed.

thumbs-down-30X35Some players might find the process of downloading and installing a bit of a hassle. In an age where people are used to instant access through the internet, going through the process might take a bit of time; however, we shall remind you that it is a one-time setup.

thumbs-down-30X35An obvious disadvantage is the lack of mobility. Accessing online casinos from anywhere is one of the great advantages but if you download the software into your personal computer, you might have to either take your computer with you or install the software again in some other device to make it accessible

thumbs-down-30X35If a player is still in the process of choosing a casino, they might want to try out different operators before deciding on one. In this scenario, players might want to skip the hassle of downloading and installing the software and prefer to play the games straight away.

thumbs-down-30X35Downloading casino software is possible only in Windows OS. There are handful online casinos which provide software compatible to Mac but the number is still very low.