Casinos by Type

While online casino was a new and modern term during the early 2000’s and was considered a small part of the gambling industry, it is now a very generic term on its own and people who are relatively new to it will be surprised by the density of the term and the industry. As the term ‘online casino’ suggests, it has a lot to do with the internet. While it is true that internet is the framework that bridges the online casino to the players, it is software that actually provides vital functions, providing and playing games for instance.

Casino software is commissioned to perform all gaming related functions of an online casino. Online casinos are established by assembling various components such as banking, customer support, bonuses, games etc. but to actually deliver these online facilities to the players, online casinos have to use software.

This article described the different ways an online casino can deliver online casino services to its players. While the end product is the same, it may differ how the player may receive that product or service (in this case). To lay it out simply, there are 3 different platforms through which a player may use the services provided by an online casino. They are:

  • Download casino
  • Instant-play/Non-download casino
  • Mobile Casino

In this article, we briefly introduce each type of online casino and players can players can go into more details on each type if they wish to understand more on how these different platforms work, along with their advantages and disadvantages. While we understand that this might be a very boring topic for readers to get into, especially if you are new and really want to flip the cards in Blackjack right away, we do put emphasis on the fact that choosing a casino type is one of the first decision you will take and choosing the right type is vital for a pleasurable gambling experience.

Download Casino

In order to play casino games in some online casinos, players need to download a computer application which is a casino software program which consolidated all functions of an online casino. Players need to download the software from the online casino’s website and once downloaded, players may not need to visit the casino’s website again.

However, the initial download and installation of the software takes time (depending on the speed of your internet). The download would be the very first step as the registration and deposit can be completed only after you download the casino software in your device.

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Instant Play casino

web-browser-instant-play-pls-750112While a software application was a traditional interface on which online casinos ran, few drawbacks resulted in developers taking the online casino scene a step further towards the better and that eventually led to instant play, no download casinos.

As the name suggests, these casinos do not require the players to download any software on to their devices. All functions are carried out through the web browser itself which gives this casino type another name, Web-based casinos. These casinos require your browser to have plugins like Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave or Java.

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Mobile Casinos


EmuCasino mobile

It is quite natural in this day and age that anything that is PC compatible is also mobile or tablet compatible and there is no reason why online casinos should not stick to this trend and they have. While it would be partially incorrect to refer to mobile casinos are a totally new format of online casinos, it is definitely a new interface where online casino games are played in a different device.

Depending on the online casino, players can either download a mobile application of the casino or visit the casino’s mobile site to play online casino games. The limitation of the functionality also depends on the casino as well. Some casinos might limit only logging in and playing games where as other might allow registration, deposit, withdrawal, customer support and more on the mobile device as well.