Online Slot Strategies

It is no understatement when we state that slot games are the most popular casino games, online and on land. Slot machine fans are very dedicated to the game therefore it’s our privilege to provide with an article dedicated to Slot Strategies.

Before jumping ahead with strategies, we want to make sure you’ve understood the basics of a slot game. If not, click here to learn all the basics of an online slot game.

We start this article by briefing you on how an online slot game actually works.

Understanding slot mechanism and RNG

Online slot games follow similar mechanisms to a land based slot machine. Visually they’re almost identical; they have reels, rows and paylines. To explain how an online slot game works, below we take an example of a popular 5 reel 3 row online slot game titled Cherries Gone Wild.


Upon a spin, the reels spin and each reel with 3 symbols land next to each other within 5 columns which are reels. The mechanism is a simple number allocation for each symbol on each position on the reels. So in the above image, the reason each symbol has landed is because the number specified for that particular symbol to land on that particular position was generated from a mechanism used in all online casino games called an RNG or a Random Number Generator.

Online casino are mainstay users of the random number generator as it is a part of their gaming software that is programmed to ensure game fairness and unpredictable results in all their online casino games. The RNG is a part and parcel of the online casino gaming software since it is most important to assure casino players that they are engaging in fair gambling activities in an online casino site.

Tested for accuracy and predictability, casinos ensure that the random number generator on their gaming software produces a relative unbiased result and unpredictability. Being useful to online casinos, the random number generator is an important technology that takes part in making the casino business a flourishing one.

With this mechanism in place for all slot games, every spin of the reels become an independent event therefore there’s no way to predict the outcome since it is all RNG.

This conclusion brings us to the intention of this article.

Just to make things clear, there is no way you can change the house odds instantly but what we can help you with minimizing the chances of you loosing instantly and maximizing your chances of spinning the big win. This article on slot strategies is a plan for you to make most of your deposit and opt for a big withdrawal after a decent gambling session.

There are few techniques that allow players to make sure that they last long enough to hit that big win. We then move forward guide you onto shifting in and out of slot games depending on their variances so you can get the maximum overall benefit from a gambling session.

Since we’re mostly focusing on betting behavior and patterns, our suggestions and guidelines will slightly vary between the intentions of your slot gameplay. Of course your intention is to win (or not loose) but the way you play needs to vary a bit if you are playing slot games to complete your wagering requirements after claiming a bonus.

Since the amount wagered is counted rather than your win amount during the process of fulfilling wagering requirements, betting behavior needs to differ slightly. In our section below we explain how general betting needs to differ. But first if you’re still not familiar with wagering requirements, click here to find out more.


  • Controlled losses and Money Management
  • Explaining variences

Controlled losses and money management

It’s quite common for most rookies to drain down their credit balance with a simple spin and stop game with random outcomes that at the end are meaningless. In this section, we explain how to loose in a controlled manner, how to identify on whether you can afford to lose more and set win goals and loss limits.

As cliché as it might sound, setting a strict budget is very important. While it’s understandable that most people do set budgets while playing, they are lured by the temptation of the next spin and by the time your balance is drained down, it’s too late. At the end, it’s important to only bet what you can afford to lose, and that doesn’t mean your entire balance.

The best and most practical approach is to have a budget – set certain numbers of spins – make sure to leave the game if you haven’t recovered certain percentage of your stake total. Putting this in numerical terms,

If you have a balance of $100, you set a budget of $15 for a slot game and spin 20 rounds with bets between $0.80 and $1.00. Our suggestion is to move to another game if you do not recover $10 by the end of those 20 spins. This mathematical approach to loosing with definitely help you settle down for more bets in other slot games that might pay better.

Explaining variances

Slot variances are pretty much the rewarding behavior of online slot games. These in turn go hand in hand with your betting behavior when it comes to strategies therefore these are important to understand.

Slot games variances vary from low to very high; most experts state on whether a slot game is of low variance or high variance. Low Variance is when a game offers lots of small but frequent wins and one big win is rarer. So on a low variance game, players might win $0.50 on every single or every second spin. High variance, as you might have guessed by now, does not deliver frequent small amount wins but offers a big reward after certain number of empty spins. So, with a high variance slot games, players might not win anything on the first 8 spins but might hit a relatively big amount on the 9th spin.

This theory of variance comes in particle when you have to tie in your betting behavior and your bank roll. With a relatively low bank roll, a high variance hit might consume your bank roll almost immediately but on a decent budget, you’re better off waiting for the big hit to strike in.

However, this theory of variances is not rigid and you can still get a big hit in a low variance game and win frequent low amounts in high variance games.