Slot game bonuses

After much scrutiny, it had been revealed that slot enthusiasts want a lot more than just spin buttons and payline wins. In this modern day and age, casino game developers have the ability to freely add features that precisely intent to boost both player entertainment and payouts, therefore, introducing slots game bonuses.

Slot bonuses allow players to win more than regular pre-formatted payouts that are quotes in the paytable. These special features come in different forms which are triggered through special symbols and combinations that land on the reels.

This article in introduces the most common and highly rewarding bonuses that are incorporated in modern online slot games.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols have been made popular by the joker or wild cards of video poker machines and now most online slot games have wild symbols. Wild symbols are special symbols in a slot game that have the ability to replace any other symbol to create a winning combination.

Wild symbols can land on a reel like any other regular symbol in the game. The most common way of winning in a slot game is if 3 identical symbols land on an active payline. For instance, if there are two ‘A’ symbols on a payline and a wild symbol land on that payline, the wild icon acts as the ‘A’ symbol to reward you a payout for 3 A symbols.

Apart from the regular wild, which plainly lands in one position in one reel for one spin, there are other forms of wild symbols such as sticky wild; which stick on the reels for certain additional spins, expanding wilds; that expand through the entire reel once a single wild symbol lands, and more.


Scatter symbols

It’s a known rule that identical symbols have to land across an active payline for a payout. In the case of scatter symbols, these symbols can land anywhere on the reels to reward a payout.

Slot games that feature scatter symbols assign a special symbol that pays regardless of its position on the reels. So if 3 scatter symbols land in random positions on the reels, you’ll still win scatter pays. In addition to great payouts on its own, scatter symbols are known to trigger various other bonus features in a slot game.

Free Spins

Free spins are another common bonus feature, found in most video and 3D slots. The most common way to trigger free spins is by spinning certain number of symbols (mostly scatter symbols) on the reels. For example, player may win 10 free spins if they spin 3 scatter symbols, 15 free spins for 4 and 20 free spins for 5 scatter symbols. All wins during these free spins are regular wins and are added to your balance. Some slot games have special free spin symbols which can trigger free spins.



Multipliers are a great bonus that is normally affiliated with other bonuses such as free spins. A common way of interpreting this bonus is “10 free spins with 3x multipliers’; this means if a player triggers the free spins feature, the amount won during those spins are multiplied by 3 to reward your final pay.

Bonus Game

These are great additions to modern online slot games and are features mostly in 3D slots and occasionally in video slots. Unlike most slot bonuses, there are no uniform standards to what a bonus game might feature; it depends on the slot game.

To trigger bonus games, players have to spin a combination of certain symbols; these symbols might be scatter symbols, bonus symbols or any other symbol. Once the bonus game is triggered, players are taken to a second screen, and will receive clear instructions on how to play the bonus game. All wins during bonus games are directly added to your balance.


Gamble feature

This bonus features equal chance of a win/loss and payout. Gamble feature is only available after a winning combination and players have an option to choose whether they want to use this bonus or not. If players choose this bonus, they willingly bet their recent win on an off-chance that they might double the win amount.

Although the format of this feature depends on the game, the most common game featured in this bonus is of head/tails or even/odd card numbers. Players bet their win amount and guess whether the coin will face head or tails after a flip. If they guess correctly, they double their win amount and players forfeit their win amount for an incorrect guess.