Learning Online Slots

Just a few decades ago, slot games were limited with regard to physical casinos, with the biggies including classic slot games with 7’s, bars and fruit symbols. Now, it seems like new online pokie games are appearing all the time, each one with new and unique features.

Playing Online Slots provides a comprehensive guide to online pokies, covering all the nitty-gritty details you need to be a great pokies player. Learn how to play online pokies, how to place bets, how to choose an online pokie, learn basic pokie strategies, and so much more.

This article is both a guide and an update for pokie enthusiasts who might have missed out on all the new features that have been added by developers. This eventually leads to new ways of playing pokies and helping you understand these new features is the precise intention of this article.

Online Pokies History

In this comprehensive article from Playing Online Slots, we explain how the wonderful game of slots evolved. Originally, slots were known as ‘One Arm Bandits’. The first slot machines had a lever which was operated through a level situated on one side (therefore termed ‘One Armed Bandits’, to start the slot machines. The reels were spun with mechanical force.

Below we have briefly outlined the evolution of slots and its popularity amongst online casinos.

Liberty Bells Slots: Liberty Bells Slots was the first slot machine which was developed by Charles Fey of San Francisco in 1895. Liberty Bells had an automatic payout mechanism with 3 reels and featured 5 symbols; horseshoe, diamonds, spades, hearts and the Liberty Bell.

The Clubmaster: An Australian gaming company, Aristocrat Leisure introduced the first slot machine in Australia after they developed a slot machine called “The Clubmaster” in 1950. Even after decades, Aristocrat continues to become an industry leader in casino games, specializing in slots and distributing their games in Australia and around the world.


Electronic Mechanical Slots: Bally Technologies Inc. developed Money Honey the world’s first electromechanical slot machine in 1963. Instead of completely mechanical components, electrical components were also incorporated in to the design of the slot machine. This new introduction introduced multi-coin bets which eventually meant higher payouts for a win.

Video Slots: The first Video Slots was invented by Walt Fraley and was titled Fortune Coin in 1975; the game featured 4 reels and 3 paylines. Video Slots gained true popularity after 1979 now these games dominate land based all over the world.

Online Slots: After the mega success of Liberty Bell, the debut slot games created around 1895; pokies have come a long way. Creative designs, enhanced payouts, modern themes, alluring rewards; all these factors have assisted this game to become one of the pioneers in the gaming scene. Online pokies have virtual mechanical reels which contain symbols that are spun using a random number generator.

Game Components

An online slot game can be divided into 4 areas:

The navigation bar which can be seen at the bottom of the image. This section is the control panel for the game and controls all functions such as bet amounts, paylines, win amount and the spinning function.

The gameplay area is situated in the middle as the main display. This area is where the action takes place and within the area you’ll find reels, symbols and paylines.

At the top you’ll find sections which display the total balance and the total bet amount. This section may, in some games, be part of the navigation bar.

Another important component is the paytable which can be seen below and accessed by clicking the ‘i’ (for info – bottom left). Some other pokie game may replace the ‘i’ with “Paytable”. The paytable is a guidebook to the particular pokie game and describes everything there is to know about that particular game.

Winning Combination
This is the combination of symbols that occur on the payline in order for a Player to win.


How to play online slots

Playing online slots is a quick and easy process that skips the hassle of traveling to a pub or land casino and goes straight to spinning the reels. Since pokies are arguably the highlight game of most online casinos, players shouldn’t find it difficult to search for a pokie game on the website or software. Players can go to the games section and click on ‘Pokies’ or ‘Slots’ and choose from the endless list of slot games offered by online casinos.

Instructions to play online slots:

Step 1: Click on the slot game you wish to play.

Step 2: Go to the paytable to become familiar with the symbols, payouts and bonuses.

Step 3: Go back to the gameplay screen and adjust your bet amount.

To adjust your bet amount, players have to adjust the no. of active payline, no. of coins in-play and coin denomination – all which are controlled through the navigation bar.

Step 4: Once satisfied with the total bet amount, click spin.

Winning in online slots

There are two different ways of determining a win in a slot game, depending whether it’s a payline game of ways to win. A typical way of winning in a slot game is to match 3 or more identical symbols along an active payline in adjacent reels. In the case of ‘ways to win’ game, the symbols need to appear in adjacent positions.

In terms of payouts, all slot games are different and all the symbols within a pokie game have different payouts. Most slot games online have a theme and the symbols of the slot games are designed to represent the theme. In most cases, players will find additional symbols such as the classic card suits J, Q, K and Ace as symbols and these symbols normally pay lower than the symbols related to the theme.

Our example above demonstrates how pokie payouts work after a win. Among the reels, 3 identical symbols have lined up along an active payline.