Beginner’s Guide

Since its introduction back in the mid 90’s, online casinos have romped up at an exponential rate and quite reasonably. Land casinos created a more organized and monitored establishment to the traditional street and underground gambling hubs and online casinos have just made it easier for players to play and enjoy casino games offered by land based casinos. With substantial improvements and developments in online casinos, whether it is easier access or better games, players have found it easy to identify its benefits.

While everyone’s gradually getting into the action, we wouldn’t want any newbies to miss out on the fun therefore Playing Online Slots has created this article to guide all newbies into venturing into online casinos.

It’s easily understandable that the choice of a single online casino among hundreds might be overwhelming; we’ve taken the responsibility of guiding you towards a better first step so you can make an informed decision upon choosing an online casino and making sure you know what to do once you’ve chosen a suitable one.


  • Why play casino games online?
  • Choosing an online casino
  • Where to start
  • Online slots guide

Why play in an online casino?

why-online-casino-pls-542111One of the best features of online casinos, which no land casino can even attempt, is that developments are very rapid; all keeping in mind the player’s benefit and entertainment. All functions in online casinos are easily customizable and with this perspective, it’s quite reasonable that players are getting high value entertainment.

While there are countless reasons why playing casino games online is more preferable, below we highlight some of the obvious ones.

  • Player convenience and easy access

This point is on internet as a whole and not just online casino. However, putting players and online gambling into perspective, players have easy access to online casino games, their casino account and if you’re feeling lucky today, a potential big win is only few clicks of a button away, straight from your home.

  • Casino bonuses and promotions

We get that a big part of physical land casinos are the free drinks, free food and the hot waitresses. While players are sure to miss out on that with online casinos (well maybe hold a glass of bourbon), they offer bonuses and incentives which are realistically more beneficial. It’s now a trend for online casinos to offer numerous bonuses and promotions such as welcome bonuses, free cash, free spins and more. Find out more on online casino bonuses and promotions here.

  • Game variety and quality

Referring back to our previous point, online casino developers are able to immediately develop games, customized to player’s preferences. You couldn’t really expect land casinos to create a physical slot game if you wanted a feature added whereas in most online casinos, players can expect anything between 200-500 casino games, each with their own specification.

  • No unnecessary pressure

It has always been a traditional among land casinos where you have to wear certain attires, wager a minimum amount (which in itself is high for some), place bets within a specific timeframe and more. Online casinos neglect all these needless issues and allow you to place bets in your own pace and accepts deposits of as low as $10 while you’re relaxing at home in your pajamas.

Choosing an online casino

If you’re serious about playing casino games, free play or real money, it is absolutely necessary that you choose one that is suitable, and this doesn’t just include choosing a trustworthy casino but involves more of player preference and accessibility.

Even if you’re not playing with real credits, practicing in a suitable online casino is vital. We must make it clear that playing in a good casino is different to playing in a suitable one. While there are numerous online casinos that have high reputation, it’s not necessary that they personally cater to your needs and accessibility.

In this section of the article, we point out key factors and questions that players need to focus on to make sure the casino they plan to register with is trustworthy and caters to your personal needs.

  • online-casino-reviews-checklist-pls-548012Who owns and operates the casino?
  • Is the casino licensed through a trustworthy jurisdiction?
  • Does the casino hold other licenses and certificates to attest that they are trustworthy?
  • Are the banking methods employed by the casino of easy access to you and whether the casino accepts deposits in currencies you have access to?
  • Are they download or no download casinos?
  • Does the casino accept players from your territory?
  • Does the casino offer games that you prefer?

While there are more questions that need to be answered before you register and deposit, the above listed questions are the very base on which you will further filter your hunt for a suitable online casino.

Below we list some sources from which you can answer some important questions involving choosing an online casino:

  • Online casino reviews
  • Independent research
  • Player forums
  • Casino customer support

For online casino reviews at, click here.

Where to Start

Now once you’ve chosen an online casino, it’s time to know what the first step is. Most online casinos offer casino games in practice mode where you can play slots, blackjack and other games for free with demo credits. Once you feel you’re ready to play with real money, the thrill begins.

first-big-step-online-casino-pls-154785Basically playing casino games with real money comes down to the following steps:

  • Creating an account
  • Signing Up
  • Depositing Funds
  • Claiming welcome bonuses if available (option)
  • Playing casino games
  • Withdrawal

Since this is an important step for newbies and something critical to get right, we’ve dedicated a whole article on how to get started with online casinos. Click here to go to our Getting Started page.

Online Slots Guide

lucky-slot-machine-pls-545108As you’ve probably noticed from our website name, we are mostly dedicated to slot games, which are no doubt the most popularly played casino game, both online and on land. Therefore, we do justice to our own website by providing readers with a full guide on learning to play online slots, types of slots, online slot bonuses and slot strategies.

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